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TrailsWest is a volunteer based organization and relies heavily on the efforts put in by those who put their name forward to help out. Team Coaches and Managers are critical for the direct experience of our players.  If you did not indicate your interest to coach or manage during the registration process, please contact the registrar at

Below is a list of other important roles. If you see something you're interested in and there is already a name on the list, don't hesitate to indicate your interest to Sally Grotsky, our Volunteer Coordinator. Many hands make the work load light for all. The more help we can get at any position the better our association will be. Have a read through the list below and contact Sally at for additional information.


TWHA 2014-2015 Volunteer Positions      
updated July 2014      
TWHA Positions Board Director Name  Email
Executive Officers      
President Y Greg Robertson
VP Ops (LTS to Novice) Y Bill Sowa
VP Ops (Atom) Y Mike Mansfield
Vp Ops (Peewee) Y Andy King
VP Ops (Bantam to Junior) Y Carter Will
Treasurer Y Sharlene Wilson
Administrative / Advisory      
Board Chairman (Interim) Y Andy King
Secretary   Darlene Girard
Registrar Y Liz Van Der Wee 
Audit  Y Mike Mansfield
Legal Coordinator   Ted Lawson
Volunteer Coordinator Y Sally Grotsky
Sponsorship Coordinator Y
SWAS Representative
Ryan Aresenault
Management Roles      
Communications Coordinator   Bill Gould
Ice Coordinator #1 Y Ryan Aresenault
Assistant Ice Coordinator   VACANT
Equipment Manager   Barb Clark/Sally G
Managers Coordinator   Lynda Sturney
Police Information Checks Coordinator  
Lynda Phillips
Website Administrator Y Steve Williams
Referee Coordinator   Elizabeth Remmers  
Events Management      
Conditioning Camp Coordinator   Lisa Buwalda 
Picture Day Coordinator #1   Pam Lapointe
Canaccord Coord / Tournament Coord   VACANT  
Casino   Mark Laver
SHCA Member   Mark Anderson  
Apparel   Lynda Sturney
Development/Mentorship Roles      
Coaching Development Y Brock Mura
Coaching Development (Timbits, NV, Atom) Y Steve Williams
Goaltending Development   Brad Flegel
Evaluations Coordinator, Age Group Coordinators and Supporting Roles through Evaluations Process      
Evaluations Coordinator Y  Joel Grotsky
LTS Coordinator    VACANT
LTS Manager    VACANT  
Timbits Coordinator    Jody Hutt
Timbits Coordinator      
Timbits Evaluation Coordinator      
Novice Coordinator  
 Kim McRae
Novice Recreation League Coordinator    Kim McRae
Novice Evaluation Coordinator      
Atom Coordinator    Jackie Farrow
Atom Recreation League Coordinator    Gigi Douglas
Atom Evaluation Coordinator      
Atom Evaluation Coordinator      
Peewee Coordinator    Lesley Halcro
Peewee Coordinator    Sophie Weaver
Peewee Evaluation Coordinator      
Bantam Coordinator    Steve Mitchell
Midget Coordinator    Mike Stillwell
Junior Coordinator     VACANT


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