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General Feedback

We want to improve the experience of players, parents and volunteers of TWHA. Please help us identify any issues that need to be addressed. Issues include problems, opportunities, controversies or uncertainties. We look forward to your questions, comments, interests or suggestions. If you would like someone to get back to you, please provide your contact details.

Please send your comments to

Specific Grievances

If you have a grievance related to the Evaluations Process, please first carefully review the Evaluation Guidelines, then complete the grievance form.  See the Evaluations Page for more details.

If you have a specific issue with a specific individual within TWHA

  • First, speak directly to the person with whom you have an issue. With situations that have, or potentially have strong emotions, wait 24 hours before engaging in communication and consider including your team manager in the conversation.
  • If there is no resolution, and if you haven’t done so already, speak with your team manager. If unable to resolve at that level, then
  • speak with the appropriate VP of operations (see Volunteering). If still unresolved, then
  • speak with the President, then if still unresolved
  • speak with the Chairman. If unable to resolve at that point, then
  • a TWHA Grievance Committee will be formed and will determine appropriate action.

If your grievance is with someone outside of TWHA (referee, opposing coach, Hockey Calgary, etc)

  • Speak with your Team Manager, who will
  • speak with the appropriate Age Coordinator, who will
  • speak with the appropriate VP of Operations, who will
  • speak with the appropriate contact person of the non TWHA organization. The Board will be informed of such communication and if appropriate, other Board Members will be included in the process.
Below are examples of general feedback recieved, and our responses.

Question / Feedback


Regarding Ken Knudtsen Award's Financial Support:

Unfortunately with these awards, being given out at this time of year, almost everyone who would truly benefit from them, won't be registered to play hockey. Discretionary spending on leisure pursuits (like sports and entertainment) are usually the first to be cut from a budget when finances are constrained, so these families will not even consider signing up for hockey when the registration drive occurs. Typically those who can afford it are the ones that sign up. They are not usually in need of grants/scholarships/bursaries and therefore will not apply.
In my opinion, the way to award these, would be to make the announcement of their availability prior to and during the registration drive (April to July) and advertise with the Community Associations that feed into Trails West. Then give the awards prior to the close (and on condition) of registration.
We can make a bigger effort to advertise the existance of the generous support attached to this award, as well as other supporting agencies.

If any members of Trails West are aware of families that struggle financially to keep their players on the ice, please encourage them to get in contact with our registrar.  All information is held in the strictest of confidence.
I just wanted to express my appreciation to the volunteers who worked on the <atom>evaluations.  The process was well-organized and the many scheduling changes (as players moved to different groups) were communicated quickly by a telephone call and followed up with a clear and detailed email. All parents are encouraged to complete feedback surveys - we really pay attention.
Just wanted to pass on in writing my appreciation for the well-organized PeeWee Evaluations.    It was a very slick process, and I loved being able to see the groups on-line so that I didn’t have to wait or hunt for an email.    Having people look for their own pinny number eliminated the risk of an email going astray and meant we could easily look up the times/dates anytime As every year, we will be reviewing our process, modifying where needed and expanding where beneficial.

It is our last year of hockey with TW. Just a quick note to say we are disappointed that teams can't pick their own names anymore. Was there an admin reason why TW took away the option for team names? Just wondering -

The purpose of this was basically to help create a stronger community – one team, one association.  There was also the view that time and cost efficiencies would be of value.  The website was also revamped to support all teams under one banner. See related news items in the news archive.


It's great that kids have the opportunity to have an October invitational hockey tournament. It's unfortunate it's only being offered for the div 1 teams. My concern is that as parents of non division 1 children, and increasing fees, that costs for this tournament are not directly or indirectly being born by teams not participating in the event. If there is to be extra tournaments, teams directly involved should be responsible for fund raising, just as if a div 3 team wanted to host an invitational, they would have to raise the required funds.

THWA does not subsidize the costs of tournaments hosted by teams. Teams who wish to host tournaments can seek out ice on their own, and organize the tournaments on their own, or, can take advantage of blocks of ice made available by Trails West. In either case, the individual teams are required to pay for the ice, then make up for that cost, and other tournament costs, through team registration fees, silent auctions, etc. 

Blocks of ice times for tournaments made available by TWHA, can be earmarked for specific age groups and divisions, and can also be awarded through a lottery or draw.

In the case of this new Spring Face Off tournament, it was decided to earmark the ice to Division 1 teams of Atom (and div 2), Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget. The reasoning behind this has to do with the timing of the tournament so soon after team formations. It is a safe assumption that the higher Division teams would be the most eager to take on the responsibilities and financial commitment required to host a tournament. TWHA purchased this ice and wants to be as sure as possible that we will have teams willing to host. Teams need to commit as quickly as possible once team formation takes place. There is a great deal of preparatory work to do by each team.

There will be additional opportunities for other Teams (other Divisions) to receive blocks of ice from Trails West in order to host a tournament, typically in December and March.



After watching today's interview with Sid Crosby discussing his comeback. I was interested in gaining more info. I came across this website that has some pre and post concussion tests that I'm going to use with my boys.

I was thinking that it may be a good idea to get more info and pass it on to TW members.

There is a $2.50 charge per test, according to the website, but it's probably a good idea that parents get a base of where their kids are at before, in the event that their kids do suffer a concussion.

Below is a link to the site,

The concept of having base line data is interesting, and can serve some purpose. Caution must be taken, of course, choosing such services over the internet. TWHA would like to encourage all parents to learn as much as possible about the cause, symptoms, treatment and prevention of concussions. Having a conversation with a trusted health care professional is advised. Out of that conversation, parents can make informed decisions about how to manage the risk of concussions, including whether or not, and by what means, to take base line tests. Check out our Event Archives regarding concussions. You will find links to further resources.



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